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QRhacker's new pro accounts could actually make QR codes cool again.

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You can choose from any of the plans. And if your needs change as your business grows, no problem - we’ve got a plan for you.

* Available for the following types of QR codes: text, URL, phone. See FAQ for details.

Get advanced QR code analytics

QR codes are more and more popular among brands and agencies to engage with customers and users. QRHacker not only helps your business to gain attention with unique designer QR codes, but also supports you by showing the results of your QR code implementation strategy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does QRHacker works?
The concept of QR codes includes an error correction technique to make them readable even if they are damaged in some extent. Depending on the size/resolution, up to 30% of the QR codes can be changed in artistic ways while they still scan correctly.
2. What is Smart QR?
QRHacker.com's Smart QR feature has two major benefits: you can measure the scans on your QR codes to get detailed analytics & you can edit the content of your QR code anytime after saving it.
3. Which QR codes can I measure?
QRHacker.com currently provides statistics & the dynamic content feature the following types of QR codes: text, URL, phone number. Other type of QR codes are not tracked and it's content cannot be changed later in any way.
4. How do QRHacker.com measures texts & phone numbers?
Texts & phonenumbers are stored on a simple page and we put its address into the QR code.
5. Can I track my QR code I generated somewhere else?
Please note that we can provide tracking only if you checked in the "Smart QR" checkbox (previously called "Measure URL") when generating your QR code. Without this, your QR codes won't be tracked.
6. What is the difference between basic and advanced statistics?
Basic statistics include view count, while detailed statistics include detailed reports on view count, visitor demography, top countries & platforms. We're constantly improving the reports, more detailed statistics are coming soon.
7. Why does my QR code not work?
If the modifications you made exceed the customization maximum, the QR code won't read properly. Check the Customization maximum bar below the QR editor while editing and please always make sure to verify your custom QR code with several apps before saving & using it anywhere.
8. Where is Adele?
She's probably "rolling in the deep". You can try typing in "nevermind" to find her.
9. Can I use the QR codes for my marketing campaigns?
QRHacker business accounts include commercial licenses that allow you to use the QR codes in your marketing campaigns.
10. Can I export my QR codes in high resolution or vector formats?
With QRHacker business accounts, you can access vector format PDF files and high resolution PNGs upon creating QR codes.
11. How can I change the content of my QR codes?
After login, head to the My QR codes page and navigate to the QR code you want to edit. Find the "Edit QR code content" button and there you go! Please note that you can only do this if you checked in the "Smart QR" checkbox when generating your QR code.
12. How can I make my QR codes (and the data stored in it) private?
Untick the "Show my QR code in public gallery" checkbox before saving your custom QR code.
13. Can I extend my subscription?
Yes, purchasing another plan will extend your subscription with another 1 year.
14. Will any of my data lose after my subscription expires?
No, we keep all your data, though you cannot access your analytics data or the features included in the plans.
15. Can I get a refund of my purchase?
We can refund your purchase within 8 days after the purchase if you haven't downloaded any high-resolution QR codes.
16. Do QRHacker displays any advertisements along with the scanned QR codes?
No, QRHacker.com only redirects the user to the URLs encoded into the QR code without displaying anything. Encoded text is shown on a simple page, also without any advertisements. However, some QR reader applications - not related to QRHacker.com - may display ads next to the content.
17. Do you accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin donations?
Sure, no problem. Our addresses are: BTC:3LuDeQdr9m3LENWvZWkSLFt1kcCWEL4hfM BCH:qqxf8l9varsmdjfx7xf5cn8f943glstylsn7vzagff ETH:0xB1c4BE9e8B19fAfaC8857A5EC1dBa6D2e1Dba34B LTC:MA9DCY2bDBTHPam9gsFgiLJqtGdUz72SCf

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