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02/07/2012, 20:33
Smart QR

This QR code is generated and pimped with QRhacker.com, a free application for creating custom QR codes.

Please always check your QR code with multiple QR reader applications. Make sure you use a proper QR reader application.

QRhacker.com offers a whole range of tools for its users to express their creativity. We do our best to verify the readability, however we cannot guarantee that the final QR code will work or look any good. Please note that we also do not take responsibility for the content coded in the QR code.



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  • 02/06/2012, 19:47 https://www.qrhacker.com/
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Good to know

QRHacker.com provides statistics & other features for QR codes, however these features work differently, some of them also have some limitations depending on the type & content of your QR code. See our FAQ to learn more about QR codes, our features & the limitations included in our business plans.